About Us


Telamor; a specialist brand; which is family-run for 3 generations with tradition & experience. Telamor family; a motivated team; who believe in quality of design, product & service.


The Company

In the year 1984; Ahsen Tekstil started textile business to manufacture “the most beautiful” fabrics. The name Ahsen which means “the most beautiful” is also the purpose of the company.

As the years pass by, Ahsen Tekstil put signature under important successes and included third generation into the business. Then the purpose turned into “love of fabric” which is also the meaning of the brand “Telamor”. Telamor’s path always crossed with the ones who not only sells fabrics but also in love with fabrics.

VIsIon & MIssIon

As Telamor we will always produce our dreams so our collections will always remain unique and will be sold by exclusive people. This brand is dedicated to all fabric lovers who we met so far and who we will meet in the future.

UnIque DesIgn





Its TIme For

Love Of Fabric