Telamor; a specialist brand; which is family-run for 3 generations with tradition & experience. Telamor family; a motivated team; who believe in quality of design, product & service. 


The Soul Of Your DecoratIon

As Telamor we produce our dreams so our collections are always unique and sold by exclusive people. This brand is dedicated to all fabric lovers who we met so far and who we will meet in the future.

“Carefully Crafted Design, with a great level of attention paid to every single detail.”

Stars of

The New Season

Harmony is hidden in the contrasts.

  • Futuristic FRIDDI
  • Traditionalist FICERAZZI
  • Sincere TRAPPETO
  • Cool PIOTRA
  • Joyous PALETTE
  • Inoffensive DAMMUSA
  • Journey Through Time ASPRA
  • Daydreamer GIULIANNA
  • Serious GROHE
  • Realistic WARECKA
  • Mutable COPERTINO
  • Stable RIBERA
  • Self-Confident TAMKA
  • Urban CAPACI
  • Sober-Minded SCOLE
  • Reckless BACELO
  • Stunning ALCAMU
  • Modest PAWEK
  • Mysterious VILLALBA
  • Suspicious GERDA
  • Burgher NARO
  • Explicit GELA
  • Glamorous POPPY
  • Tranquil TAVIANO
  • Simplificative ALESSANO
  • Leading Spirit MAZZARINO
  • Still Young VERCANA

Its TIme for

Love Of Fabric